Terms & Conditions
Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully prior to placing your order with Jo Raybould Interiors Ltd. Acceptance of your order either by initial payment or email confirmation will be on the understanding that you have read, fully understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. If you require further clarification of any details therein, please contact Jo Raybould.

Our Quotation:
Our quotation for the supply of goods and services will be prepared based on agreement between yourself and Jo Raybould Interiors Ltd and is valid for one month from the date of issue. Your written acceptance (email is acceptable) is required before commencement of order, and once accepted is binding subject to “Changes, Variations or Cancellations” below.

Your Order:
If you choose to accept our quotation, the goods will be placed on order upon receipt of your deposit. If there are any aspects of this quotation that are unclear to you, they should be raised prior to acceptance. Although every effort is made by us to ensure recommended components are suitable, it is your responsibility to check with us that all details of your order are in accordance with your requirements.
Special custom-made items cannot be cancelled once manufacturing has commenced. Payment for all such items is in full in advance. Standard items might be subject to a cancellation charge from the manufacturer or supplier if cancelled, or in certain circumstances, full payment maybe required.
Times and dates quoted for delivery of goods or materials or completion of any work are to be treated as an approximate estimate based on current trading conditions and Jo Raybould Interiors Ltd shall not be held responsible for delays outside it’s control.

Payment Terms:
A 50% deposit will be required on placing the order. On notification that goods are due for delivery to us, regardless of whether they are required on site, final settlement of the balance due and owing is required within 7 days of the date of notification of the same. (see storage overleaf). If settlement does not take place within this time we reserve the right to charge an interest fee at the rate of 4% above the Bank of England Base Rate from the date the balance is due. In the event that a change or variation has been made pursuant to the clauses above, payment must be made within 7 days of issue of the invoice in this regard. Please note – under no circumstances will any part of the 50% deposit be refundable.

Changes, Variations or Cancellations:
In the event that any changes, variations or cancellations to the initial quotation are made by you, then the following procedure must be adopted:

  • You will notify us in writing (or email) of any changes or intention to cancel. We will use all reasonable endeavors to accommodate these. If we cannot, the original quotation will be adhered to, and all original costs remain due at the discretion of Jo Raybould Interiors Ltd. Jo Raybould Interiors Ltd will use all best endeavors to minimize your liability in any changes or cancellation. Any changes or variations instructed directly to any contractor or supplier will fall outside of the contract.
  • We will notify you of the costs for any changes or variations. No additional work which increases the cost of the quotation will be undertaken until payment has been made pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.
  • At any time after the quotation has been accepted and therefore agreed, should you decide to cancel the order in full or part, you will be liable for all costs incurred by Jo Raybould Interiors Ltd. Whilst every effort will be made to minimize these costs, this will be on a best endeavors basis.
  • Jo Raybould Interiors Ltd shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from termination of appointment. Any such notice shall be given by either the Client or Jo Raybould Interiors Ltd in writing.

Retention of Title:
In the event that goods are supplied to you, then these goods shall be held by you at your risk; however ownership of any goods shall not pass to you until these goods have been paid for in full.

We will contact you approximately one week prior to furniture being delivered to us and arrange a mutually convenient date for delivery/collection. Every effort will be made to deliver your goods on time, however under no circumstances will refunds be given if delays beyond our control are incurred.
Please ensure that necessary access is available for safe delivery and remove any delicate objects in preparation. Please check all products before signing. Any defects, damages or shortfalls must be reported to Jo Raybould Interiors Ltd, immediately and in writing. After delivery, we will not be held responsible for any damaged goods.

Although every effort is made by us to ensure recommended products are suitable for your requirements it is your responsibility to ensure that you have consulted with Jo Raybould Interiors Ltd to ensure that the upholstery and furniture pieces you have ordered will fit into your home. If you decide to collect your order from us personally you will be required to sign a collection note at that time and will therefore be fully responsible for the safe transport of your goods from that point.

Fitting costs in instances where sub contractors e.g. decorators, electricians etc., are required, these are payable in accordance with those terms agreed between you and the contractor. The contractor will provide you with an independent quotation for the work and subsequently contract directly with you to execute it. This is standard practice and in accordance with other services such as decorator, electricians etc., who are also solely responsible for their work. Any issues arising from this work should be raised directly with the contractor.

Once furniture arrives on our premises it should be collected or delivered (either by driver or yourselves) on a mutually convenient date within a two week period. However, if you are unable to take delivery for any reason within this two week period then we reserve the right to charge storage fees. We reserve the right to charge storage fees in relation to goods not collected.

Specification and Colour:
All images shown on our website and company literature are for guidance only and exact shades of wood, fabrics and other natural products cannot be guaranteed. For example, wood is a natural product and therefore slight movement and variation in colour and grain can occur. Samples should be regarded as approximate representation only.
All fabrics are susceptible to fading if exposed to strong or natural light for prolonged periods. Silk, by its nature, is particularly susceptible and will fade if exposed to strong direct natural or artificial light for prolonged periods and therefore light proof linings should be requested. We are unable to accept liability for fading. We would also draw your attention to the fact that where fabrics are subject to variations in atmospheric conditions, shrinkage and/or dropping may occur in situ for which we cannot be held responsible.

Jo Raybould Interiors Ltd reserves the right to revise their prices at any time without notice. If a product is listed at the incorrect price due to a printing or typographical error we have the right to refuse orders placed prior to contract.

Any grievances must be drawn to our attention immediately. We can accept no returns of any description due to customer measurement error.
Intellectual Property Rights
All scheme designs, drawings, photographs, illustrations, specifications, dimensions and other details generated by us remain the property of Jo Raybould Interiors Ltd. These Terms and Conditions give you, the client, a license to use the work, only for the project set out in the original quotation.

Dispute Resolution:
The Law of England and Wales is the applicable law. If either party requires that any dispute or difference shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with this agreement then the requiring party shall give notice to the other to such effect and the dispute or difference is to the referred to arbitration in accordance with this agreement. The final decision of a person to be agreed between the parties or failing agreement within fourteen days of the date on which the Notice of served, a person appointed by the BIID or a responsible officer on the application of either party.

Exclusion Liability:
Jo Raybould Interiors Ltd excludes all liability and responsibility for any uninsured loss or damage that may result to you or a third party in connection with the supply and installation of goods.